What do you say?

  • It’s been a while here and i think its appropriate to have this snippet here because this hope needs to be shared to mankind!!!😊😊😊 I hope you take a leap of action after reading!! “I’m a light that can never be hidden so iShine💖💖💖. I’d like to hear from you. What do you say you are???

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An update for you.

Hi Dear Tribe,

I’d love to inform you that there’s a bit of work on the site and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. As a result of this change, all the followers and subscriptions on my blog will be moved to the new one @vivewithkuye.com.

Thank you for standing with me this long. Every bold step on the way through the journey has been amazing because you’re all in it with me.

UBUNTU– I really am, because you ARE. Thank you, tribe. I love you all massively💟💟💟💟

Love and Light tribe.

You are love to me, tribe💟

Be Body Positive

Hi Dear Tribe,

I think it’s time again we have another heart to heart talk. Not like we don’t but this time, it’s on a different level. LoL. Few days, I wrote to you about gratitude which I stated how important it is in our journey in life. Gratitude is everything, tribe. There’s always room for more with gratitude in it
My bad. It’s been raining cat and dog in the part of Nigeria I stay. Is it raining at your side too?. Please tread the ground softly. Don’t forget to have your umbrella with you if you need to step out of the house. Also, health is wealth. Love yourself enough to wear the appropriate clothes that fits the weather. Stay safe, FAM.

What about youu show gratitude for your body type body type? Did you just chuckle now? However, your body type, can you thank that Good God for it all because He carved you so pretty well. I know there are so many Oliver Twist on the table. I’m not saying you shouldn’t desire or work towards a particular body goal but I’m saying show gratitude for how unique you are. Also, if you will ever want to look a certain way, do it for you and not because a boy asked you to. That’s where body confidence springs from.

What’s the worst thing you were ever told about your body? Have you attempted to get chubby or slimmer for a guy? How best do you see yourself in the mirror?You need no validation for your body type. You are amazing just the way you are✨✨✨✨
Have you ever realized girls accept themselves through the validation of boys? For example, when girls say, “Boys like a girl with a butt and thighs!” or “He likes skinny girls, so I want to be skinny.” We either tell ourselves these statements to help accept our own bodies, or we want to be something we are not so we can be deemed as “what the boys want.” Some girls want to lose weight or gain weight because of the recognition from what boys want in our bodies. Some girls stay how they are because its what a boy wants; yet they don’t feel comfortable with themselves. Be who you want to be and do it all for yourself- not because a boy is telling you to be something. Love you for who you are- not for the acceptance of the opposite sex

I should tell you how I struggled to get chubby for a guy even at my inconvenience. If there’s anything I’ve learned, is that anything or anyone who wants to be kept will be kept. You need no stress baby. How I tried to gain fat was a zero effort because the relationship exists no more. You will be doing yourself a lot good if you love and accept you for who you are. Channel your energy into being a CHANGE in your generation. You are enough babe.
When did hating your body ever result in anything positive??. Ask yourself this question before you loathe how you are.
you ever missed how amazing you are, let me be one of the people to remind you that GOD DEY CREATE” (GOD CREATED YOU WELL) and He carved you too beautiful. 😊. Embrace that body of yours today, tribe.
Lastly, Beauty is not only skin deep. Every day, our bodies carry us through various journeys. Beauty should not be defined by the shape of our bodies but rather by who we are as people. Our beauty should be what we bring forward to our surroundings. However, this begins with us. No matter our body type, we all face insecurities, and it is important to recognize that the people we compare ourselves to, are likely to be struggling with their body in the same way we might be. We must also learn to be conscious when commenting on other people’s bodies, for positive habits cannot commence unless we initiate them ourselves. Most importantly, we must recognize that feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what we look like, but what we are willing to give to our world – IMPACT. LEGACY. Let this be your confession- I praise you, Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Let no one put pressure on you, dear. Remember, being body positive is expressing your body gratitude to God.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I love reading from you, please don’t hesitate to leave your thought on this topic. Love and Light💟✨.

Yours in Purpose,


Gratitude- A Lifestyle

Hi Dear Tribe,
It’s really been a long time here and I’m as excited as anything to be here to write to y’all. I’m convinced y’all are in the best of health and wellness. Keep moving. It always gets better with consistency.

Before we begin this journey of gratitude and how good it is we must always show gratitude for the things that we have. It is important to know what it is. Gratitude is being thankful for what we have and receive. It’s really more than being thankful. Gratitude is an attitude we must all strive to inculcate the practice as a lifestyle. Gratitude is a disposition of grace, appreciation, and gratefulness. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes, it’s easier to block out the details of the day, forgetting each and every day holds out a precious gift. There is always something to be thankful for.

Are you a grateful person? Do you remember to thank God for the good and bad things in your life? Having in mind that we are to give thanks to God in all circumstances.its just so bad that we only thank God when things are in our favor and we do otherwise when things go south with us. Taking the time to recognize what God has done and expressing our gratitude is important to developing our relationship with God.

Gratitude is really something we show in response to receiving things we have not earned. It really does makes us healthier. Sometimes, you might wonder what exactly to be grateful for. All you have to do is look around you and search within yourself. You’d realize there’s everything to be thankful for-miracle of sleeping and waking, breathing, Salvation, sight, voice, and many more that I could keep at. There is something to be grateful for. You might not have it all, but you have life and that’s just beautiful. God deserves our honor and praise all time. When you worship God, you are simply showing gratitude for your voice, and even when you study the word, you are acknowledging the gift of sight given to you and the grace to study his word. However, not many are raised to be thankful but it can be practiced. You might not be a 100% gratitude person overnight, but living in the consciousness of thankfulness will become a habit gradually.

Gratitude also makes us take notice of what God has given us. We become aware of what we are given and how much we owe God. There was a time in my life I felt I had gone through a lot for my age. In lieu of that, I understood and saw life from a different perspective. I felt God wasn’t fair and I had a series of questions for him. I realized i was always gloomy and unhappy until I began to show gratitude for the things I have in my life and even my loss. Honestly, we really do not have to feel like the weight of the world is upon our shoulders. Because of that, we consider gratitude not important. If you have such a mindset, it’s really wrong, and its time to declutter and allow the right things in your life.

  • _________________________________

Lastly, Gratitude develops endurance and trust in God. We can choose to be thankful for the gift of life no matter how difficult our path is because we are assured that God is faithful. ALWAYS FAITHFUL. As we grow in gratitude, we learn to be thankful not only for the good things but for everything in our lives and even the people around us.

Thank you all for taking out your time to join me on the blog today. You are amazing! Love and Light to you.



. Have a productive week, Tribe.

Yours in purpose


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Hi Dear Tribe,

What is fear? I know you probably might have a list of things that you’re afraid of. Personally, I get frightened by dogs and crossing the road or walking on the bridge but every day, I’m learning to suppress my phobias. The fear I’m addressing today is not related to phobias but the kind of fear that tramples upon a person from doing the things you should do. Again, what is fear?

Fear is rejecting to do what you should. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear is when an action is deliberately ignored. Fear is neglecting what you should do. The funny thing about fear is that we all have fears but the only thing that differs is how it’s managed. Life doesn’t exist without them. “When fear is conquered, you give room to make the impossible possible. Do the things you fear and the death of fear is certain” – Ralph waldo.

It’s human nature to avoid things that scare us. Fear is a lie hiding from something that could make us but out of doubt and fright, we avoid it. Instead of facing it to fight it, we take the flight. You will never hide forever. It’s high time you conquered fear and loosen its grip over you. Facing it can make us stronger and confident but avoiding it can make it bigger. Someone once said that courage is not the absence of fear but the mastery of it. That’s so true!!! You become a master at what you’ve mastered with time. Somehow we create fears in our hearts and the good news is that it can be unlearned. Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. “How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it- Judy Blume”.

Fear is something that has ruled my life for many years. It can still raise its ugly head but today I am learning how to FIGHT it instead of taking the FLIGHT.

Our natural instinct is to run away from things that seem bigger than us and somehow we feel comfortable playing small. Just imagine how you’d feel if you stayed back to fight and take yourself through it without running. You feel great, right? That’s the ripple effect of joy you will feel. If you want to be someone in life, you cannot run away but be daring and undaunting as an individual. Today, I challenge you to stay, face, and smash your fear, discipline yourself in the art of making bold decisions. Peter made the decision to walk on water while he was afraid of doing so but he did walk on water with Jesus. That’s one of the amazing things we can trace back to Peter. Conquering fear helps you to have a change of identity.

The situation you’re facing now and how your fear is manifesting may be different than what you’ve experienced in the past, but you already know how to overcome your fears.
It is the best possible way to grow as a person and achieve more success in life. Every successful person I know has been willing to take a leap of faith even though they were afraid. Because they knew that if they didn’t act, the opportunity would pass them by. Don’t be afraid, because I am with you”; “God didn’t give us a cowardly spirit, but a spirit of power, love and good judgment,” and one of my personal favorites, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” gave me confidence. When I stepped into my fear, knowing God would be there to guide me through, I realized I didn’t have to be strong because He is strong enough to handle whatever comes my way. This was life-changing.

Do it afraid anyways!

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering- Yoda. The next time that you feel threatened by fear, I encourage you to stay and fight your fears today. Change your relationship with fear. Instead of letting it knock you down, use it as a motivation to grow and achieve more. I think you should listen to “Hello Fear” by kirk Franklin. You will be glad you did.

Once you recognize that fear is not real, the obstacles that appear to stand in your way will be removed, and you will feel empowered to take massive action.
Fear has two meanings – forget everything and run or face everything and rise. The choice is yours. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing standing in your way of greatness. Your potential in life is limited by only one factor – YOU. Are you ready to transform fear into action by living out your blessed life?.

Tribe, I know its the end of August today. Whatever your fear or doubt, don’t take the flight, don’t chicken out. If you have been sleeping, it’s time to STAY WOKE. Birth that ideas to life even if you have to do it afraid. Remember, I am your biggest fan. I’m always supporting and cheering for you. Love and Light to you, Tribe💙✨.

Let me be the first to wish you – welcome to september,Tribe. It promises to be GREATTT.

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Yours in purpose,


Eight(8) Lessons And Review From THE BANKER – ANTHONY MACKIE FILM

Hi dearest tribe,

How are you doing today? I hope August has been nothing but good to you. Keep pushing and it will always get better. May the Lord strengthen and equip you with the capacity to do MORE, Amen.

Here is a soft reminder to a superstar right now, Dear young soul, I hope you are not waiting for the pandemic to be finally over before you commence that project or birth that ideas and dreams to reality. You’ve waited so long already! Enough of folding hands. Get back to your drawing board and begin. May you receive all the help and resources you need, Amen. 🙏🏿


If you’ve been following up on my blog, you definitely should know how much of a movie muse I am and how brilliant epic movies fascinate me. So, I’m here to share some valid lessons from the movie “THE BANKER”. I’m not compelling you that it’s a must-watch but I really do think you should see it for yourself. Well, I hope my review here will do justice and spur you to watch. Honestly, every young person out there aspiring to be great, hoping to create a shift and bend the rule someday and every business oriented individual and entrepreneurs should deem it fit to spare some free time to sit over a bowl of popcorn and chilled drink to enjoy the epic view from these amazing actors and actresses. 😊

I hope I don’t sound like I’m hyping the movie too high. Well, this in particular deserves all the credit. When a movie is good, let’s boldly declare the awesomeness. Dear tribe, rather than brood over the so many wrongs around you, what about you treating yourself nicely?. You don’t have to be at an exquisite cinema, you know?. Please bring the cinema to your abode. You know what I’m talking about now.😂

Lit Movie✨✨✨

The Banker is one of the movies centered on a bank that isn’t about stealing from it. If you’ve seen “MONEY HEIST”, you should understand my point. The Banker is a historic true-life story event that took place in the 1950s. It tells the story about an African American entrepreneurs who made themselves part of the real estate game in Los Angeles with the goal to be wealthy and cause a change in the segregation of only the white being able to own properties. Which they succeeded and also making it possible for black citizens to move into all-white neighborhoods.

Bernard Garrett, who eavesdropped and penned down some business procedures while he’s shining shoes as a kid in Texas. He arrives in Los Angeles with his wife, Eunice, and son with the vision to take over Los Angeles. Bernard partnered with Joe Morris but due to the color of their skin, they could barely get through the door. Hence, they employed a white man(Matthew) to act as a front for them. They trained him to play golf, talked, walked, dressed, think, and eat like a banker. That’s where the mastermind began.

Matthew at the golf field with Joe and Bernard😅

1. Don’t ever have the mindset that you cannot conquer anything or learn new things. The impossible belongs to those who do not see possibilities in things. There is no age barrier to learning. You only need to be willing and up for the task ahead. Learn from Matthew!!!. This guy had no clue about how to play golf or relate to mathematics and many other things he conquered but with determination and consistency, he became a pro at everything. Hey tribe, what’s that thing you are afraid to do or feel its impossible to achieve? Right now, get to it, commit yourself to learn, and trust God to help you. You will be amazed at the wonders you are capable of.

2. The act of documentation is key in a man’s life. Whatever it is that involves two or more people, make sure you have it in the paper for future references when things get ugly. Learn from Bernard. When Barker died, He had to lose his deals with him to his wife.

3. Start with the little that you have. Dear tribe, Don’t ever be caught sitting in the school of thought that waits for the big picture before making moves. They say” A little drop makes a mighty ocean”.Bernard had to squat with his in-laws and made off with the little he had to execute his plans. He went back to the drawing board and start, however. And it yielded well.

4. Pursue your passion. Sometimes, it’s very easy to lay down our aspirations in life because of the ephemeral happenings in our lives but that wasn’t Bernard. He started as a shoe shiner boy but all he ever wanted to become was a banker. He was pregnant with his passion and he nursed it till he birth it out. Through the tough process, he kept his passion alive. To get to the big perfect picture, there are processes, walk, and work through them but don’t lose focus.

5. Loyalty is everything. If you are ever looking out for qualities in a man, don’t ever miss loyalty. It’s a great virtue but not everyone possess it. Bernard chose Matthew even when he wasn’t competent for the tasks but he had loyalty. When Matthew’s wife tried to lure him to be cunning with his partners yet he found a way to prove his loyalty when things had gone sour. When the government collected all their fortunes, they were left with just the two deals that Matthew covered.

6. Parents are the best support system ever. Bernard’s father supported his child and believed in his ability even when he couldn’t give him the luxury. Every parent should be a part of their ward’s life and take the time to listen to their ideas and creativities.

7. Here is my favorite. Every woman should be like Eunice and every man out there should go for striking qualities in a woman, not just physical quality alone. Eunice was a huge backbone for Garrett. She loved and supported him. It’s also advisable for every woman to know the basics of the spouse’s business, purpose, and vision in order to know how to be of help. Eunice was the one that connected her husband to Joe. An idea means a whole lot. Hey woman, you are not just a baby factory but made for MORE.

L-R: Anthony Mackie(Bernard). Eunice{Nia Long). Joe(Samuel Jackson)

8. Lastly, when you want to choose your tribe in your kingdom, find people who are genuinely interested in the things that you do and are willing to go miles to take every step on the way with you to ensure you reach your destination. Look for passionate people who will be willing to go dirty for you like Joe and Barker. Pray for a committed and hardworking sibling like Tony. Have a faithful lawyer like Donald. Find employees like Matthew. Get a supportive and daring wife like Eunice. Be focused like Bernard.

Amazing Duo/partners😊😊😊

Ps- No one sees the big picture as you do. Don’t ever heed to voices that might want to discourage or talk you down on your way to greatness. Bernard’s in-law tried to talk him down but he knows better. Simply know when to leave the table when you are not been served with the right course meal on the menu.


Kudos to you for staying through to the end with me. I hope you got value?. If you have seen the movie, let me know a few that you learned that isn’t on my list. If you haven’t, try to get it. Thank you so much for your time here, you are the real MVP🥰. Please kindly share, like, and comment. That’s how I love to be loved.

Do have a pleasant week. Love and Light to you, tribe.

Yours in purpose,


Not Far Away

Hi Tribe,

It’s been a couple of days here. However, the coming back is always worth it. I hope y’all are still in the best of health and doing great out there???

I will be sharing my little ordeal with you today. I hope you will get value from it and helps you to do the needful.

About last week, I got very busy into work and you know the tiredness that comes with pedaling a sewing machine for hours?. I was really trying to ensure I complete my task for that day without having to roll it over to the next day. While at it, I became so uneasy and I noticed some changes in my body. I knew what those signs were all about. I needed no soothsayer to tell me it was time to bring my activity for that day to a halt.

While I enjoyed the cool breeze of nature as it hugs my body, I strolled home lazily accompanied by cool music for the evening from my favorite artiste Jonathan Mcreynolds – ‘Help me maintain’. I muttered the lyrics of the song under my breath as I sang along yet my body yearns for the outpour of water. Finally, I got home and I found my way to the kitchen to boil water to have my bath. After a few minutes, I received a signal from the electric kettle that my water was ready for use. In no minutes, I poured the water in a bucket I was holding while I struggled to hold my phone well. It was like a flash, I couldn’t fathom how my phone slipped off my hand and fell inside the hot water. I was confused for some seconds before I had my mind back to bring out the phone.


Without so much guess, you already know what happened. My phone was off. I had pending works to be delivered. I felt completely disconnected from the world. The question of ‘how do I do this and that’? races back at my mind. No communication. No expression. All blank out.

While I went through this dilemma, I had an intuition that many are outrightly disconnected from God. Many are far away from God. Many are distant from God. Well, I wouldn’t know why but here is what I have to say.


Have you gone through a difficult time lately? And in the midst of it, you felt all alone and you thought maybe God has forgotten you so you got yourself disconnected from God?. If you ask me, I’d say, that’s not wisdom but all based on assumption. Meanwhile, assumptions are never correct until it’s proven right. Wait for a second! Does a mother forgets her suckling babe???. The feeling of disconnection makes everything distant. It’s really an unpleasant feeling to feel disconnected from God.

Life made me mature before time. When I look back at my life, I see every reason to get connected to God regardless of times there was a disconnection. I am always online with HIM through prayer and gratitude!

I still have days when I sought God and I feel he’s not anything near but I really do know what it means to keep going back. Beyond getting our needs met. He wants a relationship with us. I really wouldn’t know but if you ever feel disconnected from God, I think you should search yourself because you not feeling his presence doesn’t mean he’s far from you, and just because you aren’t hearing him doesn’t mean he isn’t speaking. He is always speaking to us. Do we even wait to hear from him?. The earlier you get it that, praying to God is a two-way phone call, the best for you.

The reason we feel disconnected has more to do with us than with God. You might have been too busy to put God on the back. That obviously could be a reason. We cannot feel connected with God if we don’t spend time in his presence. It’s just like the usual relationship, for it to thrive, you have to maintain and invest everything into it, otherwise, the intimacy will fade away. Just like my phone, I had a phone but no power, hence I got disconnected. In a nutshell, something always births a disconnection(What are you not doing right that displeases God?).

Lastly, If you have in anyway felt separated from God, key yourself into His promises because He will never leave you. He is faithful to keep his words to you always. My question for you is this- How much of a relationship do you have with Him? Do you know Him personally or you just heard about him? Do you seek his heart more than his hand?. Most times, we pray because we want something not necessarily for who He is. Feeling disconnected? Get yourself connected and enjoy the ever-flowing grace and love of God. He loves you deeper than you can imagine. God is not far from you. He is near. Talk to him today.

If you have, it’s time to get yourself PLUGGED-IN. GET CONNECTED, TRIBE!

Thank you for your time here. You are really amazing. If this post blesses you, please share it with a loved one. Love is sharing. Don’t forget to like and comment. I’d love to hear from you too. Love and Light to you, Tribe.

Yours in purpose


Tone It Down

Hi Dear Tribe,

It’s a beautiful Monday morning in August. I think we should be excited we made it this far. I know it hasn’t been easy but give yourself some grace that you are still alive and popping. God is not through with you yet. I trust that you’re doing amazingly well, tribe.

I have a very short message for y’all today.

Let me start by saying that the pandemic hasn’t got anything on me because I was able to try new things that became a huge hit. “My inconvenience started when I was told that I was wasting my time”. By now, y’all know how words get to me, right?. I really tried to drown the words I heard and allow my convictions to float up in my mind. I did just that because what you do not permit will not in any way have access to you.

The harder you try, the more people try to stomp on your dreams and tell you that you are ‘wasting away time’ for doing the things you really wanted to do. It’s even easier to quit but don’t heed to their voices because the prize is at the apex. Sweat it now, fight it now and shine so bright later. Keep moving!.

Hey tribe, what is it that you are really giving your best to accomplish but the people around you are trying to talk you down???. If you have ever been told to tone it down, please ignore them and don’t stop till you achieve it.


We are in great hazard when we encounter people who make us question ourselves and our abilities to do anything. It’s really sad but then you don’t need validations from people to know that you are doing the best thing for yourself.

When you dream big, others feel threatened because they are unable to have a clear direction for their lives and it sometimes stems out of jealousy. They talk you down to the floor so you could feel powerless instead of them to dream about a lovely penthouse view and see the world too. Don’t ever feel intimidated, Tribe!

You see the whole picture but they don’t. Even if they do, it’s just a glimpse of the whole picture that they see. People can be quick to project their doubts and limitation on you but don’t permit them to turn your sky into a ceiling. You are made for greatness.

Lastly, Get yourself in the right circle of people who support and encourage you in their best possible way to see you thrive. Keep praying to God until you see the result. When you do, still keep praying.

Next time, when they try to talk you down or tell you to tone it down, light it up and shine so bright like a diamond. That’s what God wants from you. He will be delighted you did. Light up your world, Tribe. ✨✨

You are destined for greatness. You have a purpose for existing. Keep making your print in your world by doing those great things you are called our for. Great things that will drop jaws of those who ever doubted your greatness. They will glorify your FATHER IN HEAVEN on your behalf. That’s the deal. Keep moving forward.

If this post blesses, please like, comment, and share. You are simply amazing! Thanks a lot for your time here. Love and Light to you.

Yours in purpose,


Great Things Take Time

Hi Dear Tribe,

It’s always a great time here for me. I hope you feel the same way too?. By the way, How are my tribes keeping up and sailing through life???. I trust that you’re in fine fettle because I’m convinced the FATHER(GOD) never leaves His own.

I have a juicy pot of value for y’all and I really do hope that you will be satisfied when I’m done dishing. Bon appetite!!😋


One thing is certain in this modern time of ours. It’s RUSHING. It seems everyone is in a hurry to get to their destination. No one has the patience to go through the process to acquire the things they desire. I mean everything is on the pedal of FAST TRACK. While fast food is raising its shoulder so high even fast drive(Huber) and credit transfer is not left behind in the scenes. Am I saying these inventions are bad?. No! but I’m saying that we’ve allowed these inventions to make us lose our foresight about the beauty and knowledge we could amass in waiting.

Because we all want to reach our destination than expected, we compare ourselves with those who are ahead of us and we devise means to rush into things we are not prepared for in a bid to match up with their success or status. That’s the most insensitive thing to do in life!

You rush into a business because your friend is doing it without having the necessary measures in place to run a business yet you want a truck full of customers overnight!

Maybe it’s you whom God hasn’t called yet you flashed Him without undergoing the teachings it takes to be a shepherd but you rushed to begin a ministry and all you ever craved for is a church full of congregation overnight!

What about the sister who rushed Into marriage because she felt age is no longer pal with her and her circle of friends is married and the ones that aren’t married are engaged yet our sister does not have the spiritual, financial, emotional and mental capacity to run a home not to mention be a mother!

Let me share my short story with you. You can laugh about it but it was a great pain then. I’m studying in a Nigerian institution and the rate at which we embark on strike is really appalling and here I am in a hurry to get through school to marry the love of my life. You can imagine my frustration and how much I’ve cried to God to do something about it. Sometimes, I go to the length of telling my friends only if we could have a month to finish the semester and begin another without halting. My friends thought I was out of my mind😂. I knew it will never be possible but that was how much in a hurry I really was. Intentionally, I silence my inner voices telling me to relax. Alas, the love of my life didn’t even wait for me to be through with school before it all ended.

I asked myself, why the RUSH anyways???

“As the year goes on, a sense of deep patience comes over one, one seems to know the virtue of ripeness, and the danger of rushing event”. – Carolyn

Life is a process! we forget the place of process that it takes water, sunshine, fertilizer, good soil, and environment for a flower to bloom. I think the years we spend in school to study hard, sit for a series of examinations, and countless nights of prayers to finally obtain our certificates should serve as a cue to us that everything great takes time, effort, and process.

You rush into marriage, business, ministry, but can you manage it? Do you have what it takes to impact lives and give values to the people God has attached to you?. Before you rush again, make sure you have answers to the questions asked.

When an orange tree is first planted as a seed, it takes years to grow because it’s perennial in nature. The first 2-3 years(process) might not really show a sign that a seed was planted meanwhile it’s really collecting the right nutrient as it undergoes photosynthesis. When it’s fully grown, you get a solid tree plant that has taken time to grow its root without being afraid of the wind. What happens when the root grow solid in the ground? It produces fruit and remains forever until it dies out. This is a slow process but greatly rewarding!!!

photo credit: Google.

Dear tribe, life is sweeter and better when unrushed. Our life is a process. Our business is a process. Our relationship is a process. Our growth is a process. Relax, breathe, and wait because at the appointed time the lord will make it HAPPEN. While you wait, learn, relearn, and unlearn. Be alive in the present. Comparison is dangerous. Don’t rush into greatness but let God lead you into greatness. It is your lot! You will get there. Cheers to your greatness🥂🥂🥂.

Ps- I’m still waiting for a whole lot to happen in my life. You are not alone. We are in this together 😊.

Take this top-up: I think I should let you know that sometimes in waiting, things don’t turn out the way we want. Accept the fact that things can turn out differently than you wanted. Positively or negatively. However, we move!!!.

For you, Tribe!💙✨🥂

Here we are again in August! Happy New Month. It holds out a lot of blessings for you. Take things slow and everything you do will yield to you, Amen. Have a safe sailing through August. Love and Light to you. 💙✨

I hope this post blesses you?. Please I will be joyed to see you like, comment, share, and engage with me on this platform. It gives me great joy and calm delight when you do!!!. I love you, Tribe 🥰.

Did you enjoy the dish?😂😂😂.

Yours in purpose,



Hi Tribe,

How are you doing? I know I really wanted this break but see who is here writing to you. I didn’t stop writing! In fact, I stay up till late at night to ensure I deliver and get some works done. In a nutshell, I’m glad to be here and I miss writing to you. I couldn’t even wait till August as I promised. The silent voices in my head won’t let me be. It’s good to yield, right?

Have you ever been stuck in the dark that you hurriedly search for where the ignition to switch the light on is?. I think we all have had a share of this experience. It’s the same way when life seems overwhelming, instead of surrendering, try to search for light. We have walked somewhere at night and it felt entirely different when we walked down the same path during the day. Light is remarkable!. If you are going through tough times in your career, business, academic, relationship, you have to create light around it and you have to be the light.

You can’t take people to places you have never been to!!! Arise and Light up the darkness.🌟🌈🌟

Some weeks to my birthday, A relationship I cherish so much ended. The pain was awful. I lost the vitality to do things, I could hardly sleep, I cried, questions that begged for answers fuels my head. I prayed but I didn’t stop eating. If you read this post, you should know how much of an epicurean(Food will never break your heart) I really am. (Please, use your dictionary if that word is not familiar to you. You’ve learned a new word today). LOL😂https://thevivewithkuye.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=472&action=edit

I expressed and released my pain, put my pen to paper, and jotted everything down to clear my head. Because, I needed light so bad, I embraced every tool for healing just to get out of this darkness. As weeks rolled by, I had to reflect, grow, adjust, and adapt to the changes in my life. Today, I can write to you and tell you that I’m grateful to God for having experienced this period of darkness. The darkness has brought me to the light I see today. I launched deeper into my purpose. I tried new things that I might not have considered if I was comfortable. Guess what? At the entrance of LIGHT, darkness fades away.

Sometimes, loss allows space for something else to take root in you. You can choose to find light or be bitter about it forever. We all have the capacity to endure tough times with grace, joy, and courage even when it seems impossible. I didn’t think I will survive, friend. The light inside of us is enough to see us through the darkest days in our lives. God is always with us through every trial and pot-holes. Don’t wallow in pain and bitterness for too long. Arise and shine!

In every mess, lies a message but you cannot share the message if you do not get up to clean the mess. Let God help you heal past your pains and troubles. You have to be strong for yourself so that you can help others through their pains. God will want that from you!!!

Friend, you made it this far even with the scars and wounds that past challenges left on you. You are the best proof that you can see light again amidst the screaming voices of darkness hovering around you. You won’t stay this down forever. Dust your feathers and strut so high towards your best life. Don’t bask in life lows when light is just around the corner. Stay hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. Be patient if things take a little longer than expected. Look for Light regardless and shine it so bright without apology.

Dear Tribe, you’re incredibly powerful and your dreams and pains are valid! You will thrive, you will rise, you will manifest. All things are possible for you because you believe. Your pains will turn to praise. You will see the light again!!!✨✨✨✨

Here is where I draw the curtain, Allow God to walk in you so that He can work through you, my dear. Look for light and shine the brightest. Thank you for staying true to the end. I hope you got value from this post.

Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. I’d love to hear from you always. I love and celebrate you. Thank you for letting me share my life with you. I am doing great now. Don’t forget that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Sending love and light your way, Tribe!!!

Yours in purpose,


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